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Ask them for a list of they DO cover instead of the novel of things they don't. They wouldn't cover even accidental damage on my furniture nor work with me at all. They offered to send me a list of techs in my area that could come and fix it. Google does that for free so no thanks. I have been overseas in Afghanistan for months and have no idea when the damage occurs but it has to be reported within 10 days. What a huge rip off by them and... Read more

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We bought a dining table with 6 chairs and the warranty. Within the year all the seat cushions have fallen off because the screws are stripped out. I put in a claim and thought everything was good. The warranty company said that my new chairs would be at the store within 2 weeks. I called the store and they had no idea what I was talking about. The warranty company had never got ahold of them about ordering new ones. Now the emails go... Read more

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We bought a dining table and 6 chairs from Furniture was expensive but we liked it. The casters have broken 3 times and the fabric came apart. They won't cover anything that we were under the impression they would. We just learned they will only cover the wood! What? Nothing ever goes wrong with the wood!! It's always the casters or fabric etc. What good is a warranty if they won't cover anything??? They should be shut down as far as... Read more

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White bottling company and furniture row are both *** artists! Don't buy from them! I bought the warranty on my couch and they won't cover it! Horrible customer service! Waste of money!!

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This company is horrible! I have been going back and forth with them for 4 months. My bed and dresser are both broken. I have not heard from them and my items are still not fixed. I call and it always goes to voicemail. I have been emailing them weekly and they have ignored my emails regarding my bed. This is totally unacceptable!

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I've been trying to resolve a furniture warranty issue with these people for over a month. I call and it goes to voicemail and nobody calls me back. I paid a lot of money through Furniture Row (who I will never use again) for a warranty and this company does an awful job at handling it. I am so beyond frustrated with them and would discourage anyone from shopping at Furniture Row again. They have been equally as unhelpful. I have a broken... Read more

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This is a SCAM!! Do not buy this. Especially at Furniture Row. They claim that it gets anything out.(And it does not) When the sales person tells you they will replace any of your furniture it stains, that is simply not true. They make you jump through hoops with pictures, original receipt, and additional documentation designed to not have you really follow through and then they don't deliver! I am on 5 months now after being quoted 2-10 weeks... Read more

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