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We reported a spot on our dining room table that was eaten away by nail polish remover (that is in otherwise prestine condition as it is only 4 months old . ) After a dozen emails i finally get an email thats states my claim cannot be handled because they only cover single incident accidental damage not gouges or cumulative damage or damage of unknown cause ( As it took me a few days to realize what i assumed happened and reported that to them). Furniture...
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DO NOT buy their warranty at Furniture Row! After exchanging an excess of 20 emails (some where they asked for the same information over and over) over a two month period, for a couch that is literally falling apart, their final determination was as follows: "We have reviewed your claim and based on your description and photos of the damage the problem is cushion gapping or shifting, seam separation under foot rest and cushion deflation on...
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Anonymous We just went through exactly the same deal, they are telling us the same exact reason, because it cannot be determined why it was broke.
"Unfortunately we are not able to s...

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Ask them for a list of they DO cover instead of the novel of things they don't. They wouldn't cover even accidental damage on my furniture nor work with me at all. They offered to send me a list of techs in my area that could come and fix it. Google does that for free so no thanks. I have been overseas in Afghanistan for months and have no idea when the damage occurs but it has to be reported within 10 days. What a huge rip off by them and Furniture...
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We bought a dining table and 6 chairs from Furniture was expensive but we liked it. The casters have broken 3 times and the fabric came apart. They won't cover anything that we were under the impression they would. We just learned they will only cover the wood! What? Nothing ever goes wrong with the wood!! It's always the casters or fabric etc. What good is a warranty if they won't cover anything??? They should be shut down as far as...
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